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* * * Mary Renault The King Must Die US Orders
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Excerpt Vintage, 1988 Paperback, Audio
Brings to life the Greek myth of Prince Theseus in the bull ring of Crete, and the tale of the maze and the minotaur. An exciting coming of age adventure of a daring hero in an era ruled by fate. (HW)

* * Marjorie Reynolds The Starlite Drive-in US Orders
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ReviewExcerpt William Morrow, 2011 (1997) Hardcover, Softcover
Thirty-six years after Callie Anne Benton lived at the Starlite Drive-in where her father worked, bones are found in a makeshift grave at the outdoor theater lot in rural Indiana. (MS)

* * * John Rhodes Who Killed Callaway?: A Murder Mystery US Orders
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Review iUniverse, 2007 (2007) Hardcover, Softcover
Chief Inspector Thomas Ford of Scotland Yard investigates the death of a student at the exclusive Kings School. (MS)

* * * Anne Rice Christ the Lord: Out of Egypt US Orders
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Review Knopf, 2005 (2005) Hardcover, Audio
From an author of many novels reflecting the quest for meaning in a world without God, comes a story about a small part of the Christ Child's poignant journey to adulthood. (PE)