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* * * Patricia Finney Firedrake's Eye US Orders
Order Can
ReviewExcerpt Picador, 1998 (1992) Hardcover, Paperback
A 1583 spy story set in Elizabethan England, told from the point of view of a lunatic. Simon Ames, a Jew in Walsingham's employ, and swordmaster David Becket race against time to save the realm. (HW)

* * * Patricia Finney A Shadow of Gulls US Orders
Order Can
Review Putnam, 1977 (1958) Hardcover
Brings old Ireland to life in a tale of heroes, honor and geasa, and at the center a talented harper torn between his Irish and Roman blood. (HW)

* * * Patricia Finney Unicorn's Blood US Orders
Order Can
Review St. Martin's, 1999 Hardcover, Softcover
Deals with events leading up to the execution of Mary, Queen of Scots. Both Catholic and Protestant fanatics search for the Book of the Unicorn, which both hope to use to blackmail Elizabeth. A jewel of a book. (WW)