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* * * Alexandre Dumas The Count of Monte Cristo US Orders
Order Can
e-Book Project Gutenberg, 1998 Hardcover, Softcover, Paperback, Audio, e-Book
Edmond Dantes is unjustly denounced as a Bonapartist agent and imprisoned in a dungeon, from which he makes a daring escape 14 years later. Soon after, the Count of Monte Cristo heads to Paris to seek Dantes' revenge and his beloved Mercedes. (HW)

* * * Alexandre Dumas The Three Musketeers US Orders
Order Can
e-Book Project Gutenberg, 1998 Hardcover, Audio, CD, e-Book
Young D'Artagnan sets off to join the Musketeers and ends up challenging them to duels instead. A grand adventure follows with Athos, Porthos, Aramis and the poisonous Milady de Winter. All for one, one for all(HW)

* * Sarah Dunant The Birth of Venus US Orders
Order Can
ReviewExcerpt Random House, 2004 (2003) Hardcover, Softcover, Paperback, Audio, CD, e-Book
Set in Florence in the 1500s, a captivating story of the artistic ferment of the time, seen through the family of a cloth-maker. (BL)

* * * Sarah Dunant Blood & Beauty: The Borgias US Orders
Order Can
Review Random House, 2013 (2013) Hardcover, e-Book
Tells the story of the infamous Borgias in 15th century Italy after Cardinal Rodrigo Borgia became Pope Alexander VI and used his illegitimate children to build a dynastic power base. (HW)

* * * Sarah Dunant In the Company of the Courtesan US Orders
Order Can
ReviewExcerpt Random House, 2006 (2006) Hardcover, CD
A young courtesan and her dwarf partner flee the 1527 sack of Rome to re-establish their business in prosperous Venice. (HW)