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Bachelor Degree
by Judith Marks-White
Order:  USA  Can
Ballantine, 2008 (2008)
Softcover, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Joan Burton

Bachelor Degree is a funny, sexy romp through New York City. It is the story of one young woman trying to navigate her life after a divorce. Chick Lit with substance.

Samantha Krasner is a successful art dealer working in an upscale gallery on Madison Avenue. She enjoys her work but does not get along with her diva boss, who is after any man who moves. Thirty-eight and single, her social life needs work. Samantha's mother Madeline Krasner-Wolfe reminds her constantly of her ticking clock. Madeline is a smothering, overbearing mother who gives advice freely about fashion, hair styles, and men. Living across Central Park is not far enough away from Madeline.

At the art gallery Samantha signs up Blake Hamilton, a newcomer to the art world currently living in England. She must organize his debut and showing at the gallery, and be on call for his every whim. When he arrives, Madeline just happens to be in the gallery and is impressed with this good looking man. After taking Blake and Samantha to lunch Madeline views him as a possible son-in-law, and she launches a campaign to bring the two together. Sparks are soon flying between Blake and Samantha and Madeline is thrilled. Blake takes Samantha on a wild, romantic weekend in London where she gets to see how he lives and works. After returning to New York Samantha is rethinking a long distance relationship, but Blake is soon talking of moving to the Big Apple to further is career.

Back at home Madeline has been dating a doctor, and she wants to set Samantha up with his son, who is also a doctor. She feels a little competition is good and that Samantha should play the field. After getting to know Spencer, Samantha finds they do have a lot in common, except their sexual preferences. They decide to keep this little secret from Blake and Madeline and play it to their advantage.

As the days draw closer to Blake's big debut at the gallery Samantha feels something is amiss with him. She no longer wants him so close to her in the city, and her old single days are looking better to her. Then Blake comes to Samantha with a long hidden secret, that throws Samantha into a frenzy of self doubt, leaving her questioning her own instincts. But the scheme Blake reveals to Samantha sets fate in motion once again. Bachelor Degree is a very enjoyable read.

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