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Ready for the Defense    by Mike Langan order for
Ready for the Defense
by Mike Langan
Order:  USA  Can
Treble Heart Books, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

In his second novel, Mike Langan has his protagonist take on the establishment after Mac - his mentor, best friend, and partner in their law firm - is murdered. Whether the bullet was meant for Mac, or for the Senator being investigated for contribution fraud, is a moot point. Mac is dead and the Senator lies in a drug-induced coma while her brain heals from the attack.

A good read, Ready for the Defense is full of action sometimes blundering on lawyer Hank Fisher's part, as well as damaging to him as he tries to protect his client, the Senator, while he maneuvers events to bring about the results he needs. Fisher tends to try to exonerate his clients by catching the real bad guys. The concept is great and life in DC proves very interesting.

Though a little more effort could have been put into catching the typos, Langan's sense of humor is finely tuned which adds to the delight of this work - don't just scan these pages as you might miss a well-placed bon mot.

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