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Death of a Six-Foot Teddy Bear    by Sharon Dunn order for
Death of a Six-Foot Teddy Bear
by Sharon Dunn
Order:  USA  Can
Multnomah, 2008 (2008)

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* *   Reviewed by Jessica Weaver

Ginger Salinski has promised to support her husband Earl in his desire to become an inventor. It is through this promise that she finds herself at the Wind-Up Hotel just outside Las Vegas, waiting for an inventors' convention, with one hotel room for six people and no spot at the convention.

Ginger and her friends from the Bargain Hunters Network are quickly mixed up in theft, a dead hotel manager, and romantic involvement with a could-be criminal. Who hated the (albeit awful and cruel) hotel manager enough to stuff him in a giant teddy bear suit and leave him to drown? What is his son Xabier's involvement? Will Ginger be able to recover her cat Phoebe before the feline eats one of the tiny members of the Squirrel Lovers' Convention?

I enjoyed this second book in the series much more than the first. The book was not so overrun with characters that I felt overwhelmed. Readers get to know the hearts of Ginger, Kindra, and Arleta well and become very involved in their personal stories. My only disappointment was that the fourth member of the Bargain Hunters Network, Suzanne, was all but ignored in favor of the other characters. All in all, I enjoyed this cozy mystery peppered with Christian themes and have already recommended it to my mystery-reading friends.

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