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Foxy Lady: Volume 1    by Ayun Tachibana order for
Foxy Lady
by Ayun Tachibana
Order:  USA  Can
TOKYOPOP, 2008 (2008)
*   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

Aside from it's being fantasy, I do not know how to categorize Ayun Tachibana's Foxy Lady. At points it seems like a shonen harem manga (although with a very small harem) and at others it seems like a shojo high school romance.

Jin Mikasa lives in the dormitory at his family's shrine with the older and more wordly Sogo. Their peaceful, masculine world is shattered one day with the arrival of Kogane, the aptly-named fox demon. Since she and Jin knew each other briefly before she was whisked away by her father to the demon world, she decides to live with him while attempting to become human. At first, sticky situations ensue as she tries to get Jin to help her on her quest. Things become even more interesting when another childhood friend, Kanoto, moves into the shrine's dorm. Kogane tries to keep her identity a secret, but when school starts, her powers might just give her away - if Kanoto does not first.

Foxy Lady starts off definitely geared towards boys. As the story progresses, however, the focus shifts slightly, especially the chapter where Kanoto is introduced, which borders on shonen-ai. Because of this attempt to first appease male audiences and then appeal to female audiences, it is very hard to say who would enjoy reading this manga. The story itself is slow in the beginning but picks up pace as more characters are introduced and school starts. Volume one does end with somewhat of a cliffhanger, so those who held on throughout the first episode will most likely be wanting to pick up the next one.

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