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by Roberta Kray
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Soho, 2008 (2008)
Hardcover, Paperback

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* *   Reviewed by Tim Davis

Harry Lind, the central character in The Lost, is a man with a complicated past and an abbreviated career as a police officer, and he is now working as a private investigator when he finds himself besieged by two difficult problems:

One, his boss has given him an unsavory assignment that involves tracking down a mobster's missing brother-in-law; and two, a seductive newspaper reporter wants Harry's help in finding out what happened to her dead colleague.

In the first problem, Harry must contend with more than a few disagreeable characters who seem more than a little reluctant to tell the truth about what they really know about what might have happened to the missing man.

In the second problem, Harry discovers that the apparently murdered journalist had been hot on the trail of a mystery woman presumed to have disappeared (or died) more than twenty years earlier.

In both problems, Harry - as he will eventually realize - will need to keep an open mind about facts and coincidences that will ultimately lead him to the singular source where he can find answers to all of his questions and solutions to both cases.

Throughout everything, though, Harry has one inescapable dilemma: doing the right thing.

As a fascinating British mystery, The Lost is the third novel from Roberta Kray, the widow of Reggie Kray (one of Britain's more notorious criminals). Entertaining, intricate, and commendable, The Lost is a first-rate crime novel. Don't miss it!

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