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Crazy Fool Kills Five: A Fifi Cutter Mystery    by Gwen Freeman order for
Crazy Fool Kills Five
by Gwen Freeman
Order:  USA  Can
Capital Crime, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Gwen Freeman's Crazy Fool Kills Five is a fast moving tale full of action and humor. A huge lawsuit is pending. An employee of a small airline shoots and kills the pilot while in the air. As a result five people die two Chinese businessmen, the crazed employee, the pilot, and an unfortunate retiree on the ground, on whom parts of the plane landed.

This is where the story starts with the lawsuit looming large. Shouldn't the cockpit door have had a lock so that the shooter could not have killed the pilot? Shouldn't the airline have recognized that their employee wasn't playing with a full deck? Wasn't the man on the ground worth more than mere money?

This debut mystery introducing Fifi Cutter has so many twists it's hard to keep track. But keep working on it. It's an engaging story, which also gives the reader a taste of clever courtroom drama and suspense. And the lawsuit doesn't end with the unfolding testimony. We have extortion, fraud, kidnapping and murder, a drunken judge, double-crossing attorneys, and insurance companies who don't seem on the right path. Shame on them.

Fifi is quite a character to know. She has a white brother and a black brother, each useful to her in their own way. She is tough, gritty and though maybe not always on the up and up, manages to end up fingering the culprits. Crazy Fool Kills Five is a fun start to the series.

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