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The Mirror's Edge    by Steven Sidor order for
Mirror's Edge
by Steven Sidor
Order:  USA  Can
Minotaur, 2008 (2008)
* *   Reviewed by Tim Davis

First, consider something that happened in the past to Matthias Deering, the twelve year old brother of Jase Deering (the narrator of The Mirror's Edge): Matthias walked into the Michigan woods one day, but never walked out; sometime later, dismembered body parts were discovered, and the torso of a body was found in the back of a van.

Next, consider something that happened to the Boyle family in Chicago: The father Tad and the mother Una (a woman with profound problems) left their two-year old twin sons (Shane and Liam) in the care of a nanny (Regina Hoffman); when a man presenting himself as a delivery man appeared at the Boyle's home, he gained easy access but then brandished a weapon and changed everything - the boys were kidnapped, and the nanny was badly injured when the intruder/kidnapper used a knife to carve a seemingly nonsensical palindrome into the nanny's inner thighs: mirrorrorrim.

Now, consider - once again - Jase Deering who is now a 'talented but difficult' freelance reporter whose obsessive inquisitiveness will (in the very near future as it has in the past) seriously complicate his life.

Along with Robyn Matchfrost - Jase's kinky, brilliant, brutal, and unpredictable girlfriend and writing partner - Jase becomes unstoppably interested in the unsolved Boyle case. So, following form, Jase - because of his trademark curiosity, the kind that notoriously killed the infamous cat - plunges headlong into a peculiar mystery that will bring him face to face with a singular assortment of unusual characters including a defrocked priest, an intimidating motorcycle gang, a cult leader who has an interest in sacrificial sacraments, family members with sordid secrets, and others (even more remarkable) who are all - as a collection - more than a little problematic for Jase.

Suicide, murder, mayhem, satanic rituals, and - quite disturbingly - much worse stand in Jase's way and threaten to ruin the obsessive journalist's search for the truth. Filled with pulse-pounding action, extraordinary characterizations, and plenty of surprises, The Mirror's Edge is dark, gritty, perverse, horrifying, and unconventional. This is a suspense-filled winner that you will not want to miss!

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