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Devil's Bride: Volume 1    by Se-Young Kim order for
Devil's Bride
by Se-Young Kim
Order:  USA  Can
TOKYOPOP, 2008 (2008)
*   Reviewed by Ricki Marking-Camuto

Se-Young Kim's Devil's Bride is a strange tale of love, death, and obsession. Full of bishonen, this shonen-ai manhwa will captivate some female readers, while leaving others wanting.

Tired of his life, a devil decides to try living like a human. One of the things he thinks he needs is a bride. When a child answers his ad, he does not want to accept her at first, but grudgingly admits that she will probably be his only prospect due to his reputation in town. When he sends her on an errand, the townspeople assult her, leaving her for dead, naked in the woods. When the devil finds his bride, he realizes that instead of a young girl, his bride is actually a boy. Instead of being angry, the devil goes on caring for him in the same way, until his untimely death. Utterly devastated, the devil vows to bring him back to life, finding all of the parts needed to make a whole human being.

The story, while a little out-there and twisted, is the heart of this manhwa. The reader comes to understand the devil's obsession and feel for him. The artwork at the beginning also helps female readers immediately fall for the attractive protagonist. Unfortunately, the graphics deteriorate somewhat as the volume continues. This is most noticeable in the eyes. Sometimes, they are very vivid, but at others the characters seem almost blind (not only those who really lack vision). Also, Kim's drawing of feet leaves much to be desired.

While the artwork is not as clean and captivating as in most bishonen graphic novels, this twisted story of obsession is captivating. If Se-Young Kim can keep drawing the series as he did in the first chapter, Devil's Bride could garner a devoted female shonen-ai fan following.

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