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Twisted    by Andrea Kane order for
by Andrea Kane
Order:  USA  Can
William Morrow, 2008 (2008)

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* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

FBI Special Agent Sloane Burbank resigned after a horrific injury to her hand in the line of duty, and now works as a consultant in crisis management and resolution, while undergoing regular physical therapy sessions. The injury, her resignation, and his reaction to both, created a deep rift between Sloane and her lover, Special Agent Derek Parker. Now he works in the New York office, focusing on a series of brutal and gory murders of Asian prostitutes that looks likely to be the catalyst for an outbreak of gang warfare.

The story opens on the a perp's-eye-view of a woman being drugged and kidnapped (as the story progresses and more goddesses are collected, that window into a mad mind continues to open). Then readers see Sloane being approached by the parents of her childhood friend Penny, who had (unbeknownst to Sloane) disappeared almost a year before. Convinced that the official enquiry has stalled, the Trumans beg Sloane to help them. She initiates an investigation of the cold case and discovers that Derek was the case agent of record. The Trumans use their influence to force him to take time from his current - and in his view, much more critical - project.

Naturally, sparks fly - and almost ignite - when Sloane and Derek meet again, but professionalism prevails, at least initially. Gradually, they work out their past misunderstandings and hurt. Their investigation reveals other missing women and a very disturbing pattern begins to form, one that makes Sloane a likely target. Red herrings manifest and suspense builds as danger moves ever closer to our heroine - and to those close to her - culminating in a surprising climax in which all of Sloane's negotiation skills are put to the test against a twisted killer.

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