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In the Shadow of the Glacier    by Vicki Delany order for
In the Shadow of the Glacier
by Vicki Delany
Order:  USA  Can
Poisoned Pen, 2007 (2007)
Hardcover, Audio, CD
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Accomplished author Vicki Delany - with both Scare the Light Away and Burden of Memory to her credit - has come out with a new series featuring Constable Molly Smith. It takes place in Trafalgar, British Columbia. Moonshine (the name given Molly at birth by her hippie parents) first has her bicycle stolen from behind the police station. How embarrassing can that be?

Things go from bad to worse. A riot is brewing between the fors and againsts on the subject of a memorial garden proposed for those United States draft dodgers who headed north rather than fight in the Vietnam war that they felt was unconscionable. Does history always repeat itself? With Lucky, Molly's mom, in the thick of the turmoil, Molly has to walk a thin line.

A corporation wants to open a resort in prime green coastal space to allow vacationers a chance to live in the wilderness. Molly feels they would see more wildlife visiting a zoo. And would run if they even glimpsed a bear from afar. The residents of Trafalgar are divided on this issue also. A member of the corporation is killed as things get very tense in the small Canadian town. John Winter, new to the town as Detective Sergeant, teams up with greenhorn Molly to solve the crimes and prevent riots.

This new series promises to surpass Delany's previous novels and that is hard to do. Her characters are finely drawn as is the backdrop of Trafalgar. Tension mounts at a rather fast pace as an unscrupulous TV newscaster rankles everyone. The reader could easily learn to hate that man. The climax is surprising. Didn't figure that one out. Don't miss In the Shadow of the Glacier.

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