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Skater Girl: Babymouse #7    by Jennifer Holm & Matt Holm order for
Skater Girl
by Jennifer Holm
Order:  USA  Can
Random House, 2007 (2007)
Hardcover, Softcover
* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

Babymouse loves to ice skate and she has the natural talent that Coach Bernakova is looking for in a winner. When the coach discovers Babymouse skating at the neighborhood pond, she volunteers to coach her.

With training, determination and the right coach, Babymouse could win a gold trophy. Babymouse has never been good at anything so she is excited about her chances. Babymouse throws herself into becoming a winning skater. She learns that hard work, early morning and afternoon practices, and dieting are necessary. Will her determination win out? Will she win a gold trophy?

This is the seventh book created by the sister and brother team Jennifer and Matthew Holm. Babymouse is a lovable, sympathetic character. The sketches - in black and white with pink accents - give life to Babymouse's unique personality. Young readers are sure to be hooked.

2nd Review by Kerry Sapet:

She loves cupcakes and figure skating. She's dramatic and funny. She also gets herself into situations most of us can relate to. Babymouse is back. Devoted fans of the Babymouse series, by Jennifer and Matthew Holm, will fall for this seventh book about the amusing mouse. This time it's Babymouse: Skater Girl, and she's out to win a gold medal in figure skating.

The book begins with Babymouse skating on a small pond and imagining her debut into the figure skating world. She flawlessly lands figure fours and her famous move, where she draws a cupcake on the ice in a series of intricate twists and turns. She's a future Olympic medalist. Then reality kicks in, typical, as Babymouse would say. Soon she realizes she doesn't have an award displayed in the school trophy case. Others have won awards for being the top speller, the homerun champ, and the best kazoo player. Babymouse sets out to earn her own gold trophy, which seems possible when figure skating great Bearnakorva recognizes her talent.

Babymouse begins to practice before and after school. She is forced to give up cupcakes for celery and dedicate her life to figure skating, like Bearnakorva's other potential champion, Ginger. But is this what Babymouse wants - a life training on the ice, instead of goofing around with friends on a nearby pond? And what about cupcakes? Babymouse must decide what's important.

Two-time Newbery-Honor winner Jennifer Holm and her brother Matthew continue their fun and games with the Babymouse series. The appealing cartoon format is sure to draw in young readers to follow Babymouse's jubilant jumps and spectacular spins as she skates into new territory.

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