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Fever Moon    by Carolyn Haines order for
Fever Moon
by Carolyn Haines
Order:  USA  Can
Minotaur, 2007 (2007)

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* * *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

When Raymond Thibodeaux is discharged from the army during World War II he returns home to New Iberia Parish, Louisiana and settles into the job of deputy. Scarred in both mind and body by the war and the things he did there, Raymond keeps to himself and does the job he feels destined to do.

Called to the scene of the murder of wealthy land owner Henri Bastion, Raymond finds Bastion dead with his guts torn out and Adele Hebert snarling over his body. There is no way the skinny young woman could have done this to a young healthy man, but Adele is wild with fever and claims to be a loup-garou. In New Iberia Parish people believe that evil walks. One belief involves the loup-garou, a legendary Cajun shape-shifter who becomes a wolf when the moon is full. The moon is full the night Henri Bastion dies.

Raymond takes Adele to Madame Louiselle Dumont, a traiteur or healer. If Madame can't heal Adele, she will probably die from the fever that consumes her. Raymond races against time to find Henri's murderer before the town erupts and insists that Adele be brought to trial, sent to the state's mental hospital, or worse.

Fever Moon is filled with complex characters whose lives are connected by family and community. Haines describes New Iberia with vivid imagery and a love of the deep South, making this suspense novel above average and well worth reading.

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