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Point and Shoot: A Lock Tourmaline Mystery    by G. D. Baum order for
Point and Shoot
by G. D. Baum
Order:  USA  Can
BookSurge, 2006 (2005)

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*   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

G. D. Baum, who wrote Point and Shoot knows his martial arts. He proves that time and again in his first mystery novel. Anyone who is familiar with the various forms will enjoy the explanations and application of these skills.

A mystery is also part of this book, but it seems to be separate from the rest. The handling of his girl friend's cancer by Baum's hero, Lock Tourmaline, is both sympathetic and compassionate. But it does not carry the story. I recognize that there was a plot, but I'm not quite sure who all the Korean drug lords were or what Tourmaline had to do with them. There are several times when Lock uses his skill to thwart his adversaries that were very exciting. But the reason for them escaped me.

Point and Shoot is a valiant effort for a first book. However, I felt that I was reading three different tales concurrently.

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