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The Interview    by King Hurley order for
by King Hurley
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Paandaa, 2006 (2006)
*   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Michael King, CEO of Peak Pharmaceuticals, is approached by Panda Pharmaceuticals to hold the same position in their global company. He must first meet the approval of one of the partners who lives in Thailand, as well as that of Panda's Board of Directors. He's offered an incredible package to sign on. But first, he must travel to Bangkok to meet the partner. So begins The Interview.

Author King Hurley paints a vivid picture of Bangkok. The extensive interview is described via a blow-by-blow account. Other than a kinky bar scene, there is little action until the exciting ending. The story moves smoothly but methodically through its pages. Though a good but far-reaching plot keeps the reader's interest, Michael King's ruminations - as he flees for his life - reduce the impact of the action.

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