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I Was So Mad    by Mercer Mayer order for
I Was So Mad
by Mercer Mayer
Order:  USA  Can
Golden Books, 1985 (1983)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Small children's anger and frustration often spirals out of control, but quickly blows over. I always found this picture book, I Was So Mad, good for bedtimes on tempestuous days. We could explore together what was making the little critter mad at everyone in his family, and acknowledge the validity of the emotion - that it happens and it passes, and everyone still loves each other.

This angry little fellow is mad at family members for all kinds of reasons, from being forbidden to keep frogs in the bathtub to being told not to tickle the goldfish. Of course, what is allowed (like playing in the sandbox) does not appeal, and he prepares to run away ... until friends show up with an invitation to play ball. He concludes 'I'll run away tomorrow if I'm still so mad.'

There's not a lot to this story but it does a great job of leading the reader through the sequence of emotions that angry little ones go through - and out the other end again.

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