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A Girl in Mind    by Mark P. Dunn order for
Girl in Mind
by Mark P. Dunn
Order:  USA  Can
Five Star, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Lyn Seippel

On an island hospital just off the coast of Maine, a California teenager lies comatose in her grandfather's psychiatric clinic. Although she was unharmed physically when a stranger attacked and killed her parents and younger brother, Cora copes by leaving her body.

The clinic is about to close down from lack of funding and Cora is the only patient. When her Grandfather is hospitalized with pneumonia, only Dr. Cole Johnstone stands between a psychotic killer and Cora.

Cole moved to Maine to come to terms with losing his son, but because he has experience with the paranormal, he may be the best person to find help for Cora. He calls his former lover, psychic Sara Delecort. Cora's own paranormal abilities are such that when Sara arrives she can feel Cora reaching out to her before she even leaves the mainland.

Dunn has written a frightening paranormal thriller that starts out strong and never lets up as Cora's killer crosses the country on autopilot to find her. Cora must somehow confront the psychopath who killed her family and stay alive.

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