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My Best Friend Is Ariel: Disney Princess    by Lisa Ann Marsoli order for
My Best Friend Is Ariel
by Lisa Ann Marsoli
Order:  USA  Can
RH/Disney, 2006 (2006)
* * *   Reviewed by J. A. Kaszuba Locke

Between the front and back cover images of two happy-faced mermaids, embellished with sparkles and radiant colors, is the story My Best Friend Is Ariel from the Disney Princess series. Inside we meet mermaids Coral and Ariel preparing to practice their music-making with the rest of the ensemble. At the clam-shaped podium is conductor Sebastian the crab, ready to raise his baton to practice for a 'special birthday performance for King Triton', (Ariel's father).

Coral prepares to lift the cymbals when CLANG she drops one. 'Not again, Coral! cried Sebastian. The best way to play the cymbals is to HOLD ON TO THE CYMBALS.' Other accidents follow as Coral drops her cymbals again, then trips onto the top of the kettledrum. Friend Ariel cheers Coral as she takes her for a swim to a special place where she keeps her found treasures. Swimming inside the grotto, Coral admires the 'beautiful jewelry and trinkets' discovered at the bottom of the ocean and on sunken ships. Flounder the fish joins them to search through a ship. On the water's surface, they visit with Scuttle the seabird, who is wise in the use of items such as a parasol, and a lamp shade. Ariel comes down with a case of laryngitis from too much singing practice.

Amid the Disney Storybook Artists' stunning, lush illustrations, Lisa Ann Marsoli pens an engaging story of friendship. Children aged four to eight will delight in the tale of a musical birthday celebration from the bottom of the sea.

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