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Shelby    by Stacy A. Nyikos & Shawn N. Sisneros order for
by Stacy A. Nyikos
Order:  USA  Can
Stonehorse, 2006 (2006)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Daninhirsch

Shelby is a shy and timid lemon shark. She worries that the other ocean creatures will be afraid of her because of her teeth, so avoids forming friendships.

When some fish become caught in a net, a rescue attempt is made by a dolphin and an eel, to no avail. Shelby realizes that she is needed. So, despite her fears, she rises to the occasion by tearing the net with her teeth. She saves the fish and ultimately comes out of her shell.

Shelby by Stacy A. Nyikos is a story about overcoming fears. It's told in verse, and there are several places where the rhythm or the rhyme does not work. However, a nice accompaniment to the book is a fact sheet about lemon sharks placed at the end and entitled Shark Bites.

Shawn N. Sisneros' illustrations are colorful (especially the psychedelic eel), though at times the reader cannot tell that the story takes place underwater.

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