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Xs    by Louise Gaylord order for
by Louise Gaylord
Order:  USA  Can
Little Moose Press, 2005 (2005)
*   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Allie Armington becomes involved in her supermodel sister's problems when the sister's roommate is found murdered with an X carved above her breast.

Allie, a Texas attorney, flies to the Big Apple after her sister pleas for the loan of twenty thousand dollars. It seems that all sorts of scams are being played out, and Allie is asked to take part in a sting operation. Drugs and prostitution, murder and masquerade all mixed together seem a big load to take on.

The plot of Xs is convoluted and trails off in several different directions. Though the trails all come together at the end, it's an effort. Plenty of action is spaced out through the book but somehow lacks the verve that would make it exciting. And though the author describes some beautifully appointed rooms that could come from a very good home design magazine, the reason for doing so is lost on me.

Running throughout the action is Allie's love for an agent, but she's not sure if he is on the side of the law or the side of the bad guys. Which makes for speculation. All in all, the story has potential and shows imagination.

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