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Amber's Guide for Girls: Advice on Fame, Family, Fashion, and More!    by Amber J. Mariano order for
Amber's Guide for Girls
by Amber J. Mariano
Order:  USA  Can
Synergy, 2005 (2005)
* * *   Reviewed by Ayesha Baumgartner

Amber's Guide for Girls is a refreshingly down-to-earth, pocket-sized (88 pages) guide that is fun and encouraging for young girls. Amber Mariano rose to fame after being chosen as a contestant on the popular reality TV show Survivor, and then going on to win the million dollar prize on Survivor All-stars, with her much publicized engagement to Rob, right on the same TV show. As she says in her book, 'I'm just a normal girl! I've just been blessed with luck and, the desire to make my dreams come true!'

Her guide is filled with positive advice, inspiring girls to reach for their own dreams and goals. Amber takes readers on a step-by-step guide to find out who you are, what you like, what your passions are, and how to deal with issues of being a kid, hobbies, school, juggling homework with other activities, peer pressure and more! 'Just be yourself,' is the underlying advice from Amber, who has been there. She shares her personal story and passions with her readers, and offers creative questions girls can answer directly in the book, just as you would write in a diary.

Advice given in the book is positive, uplifting and valuable to girls aged seven and up. Teens can also learn from it, as can child stars who are currently dealing with issues related to celebrity status. The creatively designed book encourages girls to see the best in themselves and reach for their dreams. Take Amber's advice and you're on your way to becoming more confident in yourself. She suggests that if she can reach her dreams, you can do it too. Her advice is so simple and uplifting there will be nothing stopping you from being your best unique self.

I highly recommend Amber's Guide for Girls to young girls. The book can be carried around with you all day for a quick advice pick-me-up, or to jot down new things you learn about yourself, your likes and goals.

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