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Baker Cat    by Posy Simmonds order for
Baker Cat
by Posy Simmonds
Order:  USA  Can
Red Fox, 2005 (2005)
Hardcover, Softcover
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

A competent and cheerful looking marmalade cat stands amidst croissants, cakes and loaves in a baker's establishment on The Baker Cat's cover. How does that come about, we wonder? Let's open the picture book and find out.

The poor feline starts out looking like a Cinderfella, slaving away for the 'mean old baker and his lazy wife'. The only food he gets to eat is in return for mousetails supplied each morning to the baker (mice give his wife 'the screaming shudders'). See where this is going yet?

The mice feel sorry for the starving cat - and would just as soon not be chased - so reach an agreement with him. They supply mousetails (of sorts) and he gives them access to the storeroom. It's win-win all round ... until the supplies run out that is! But before disaster strikes, those clever mice have yet another plan, that rids the bakery of the real pests.

So that's how Tiger the cat becomes the new baker ... with a little help from his rodent friends, who get their due. The illustrations are detailed and colorful, some pages showing funny sequences of events in comic format in this sweet story.

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