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Fear the Night    by John Lutz order for
Fear the Night
by John Lutz
Order:  USA  Can
Pinnacle, 2005 (2005)
* * *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

New York City nightlife literally comes to a standstill as a killer the media dub The Night Sniper turns the streets into a shooting gallery. He appears to choose victims at random and with a frequency and skill that leaves investigators shaking their heads. Each of his kills is another taunt for the authorities, and through cryptic notes and clues the Night Sniper promises that the body count will rise unless retired homicide detective Vincent Repetto 'comes out to play'.

At first Repetto refuses; he will not allow himself to be manipulated by a vicious killer. But that decision is quickly reversed when his protégé, Dal Bricker, is gunned down as the two men walk down the street. Determined to avenge the young detective's death, Repetto throws down the gauntlet and with a handpicked team, prepares to play cat and mouse with one of the most cunning and skilled killers he's ever encountered. Even so, Repetto knows that the arrogant sniper will eventually make a mistake, and when he does, Repetto will be waiting.

John Lutz delivers an exceptionally gripping thriller. Through the points of view and interactions of a large cast of characters (including the unfortunate victims), the story springs to life. Most fascinating and unsettling is the persona and motivations of the killer and his long-seated rage against the city of New York. The conclusion was a bit disappointing; the meticulous sniper leaves behind a sloppy clue that ultimately leads every cop in New York in his direction. Overall though, Fear the Night is another breathtaking roller coaster read from an author who just gets better with each book.

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