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Moonlight Secrets: Fear Street Nights    by R. L. Stine order for
Moonlight Secrets
by R. L. Stine
Order:  USA  Can
Pulse, 2005 (2005)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

This first Fear Street Nights episode ends with a horrific cliffhanger, 'To Be Continued'. It begins with two teens, Jamie and Lewis, sneaking out at night and meeting at the Fear Street construction site, where the old Fear Mansion is about to be torn down and replaced by a shopping center.

Jamie is motivated to explore the Mansion by her desire to make contact with her dead cousin Cindy. Word gets around, others join the duo, and the Night People begin. One night, they stumble into a hidden room, full of black candles, animal bones, jewelry, and clothing. They all find and take away treasures in 'finders keepers, big-time.' But, of course, there are consequences, beginning after Jamie and Lewis tape a voice from the other side, saying 'If you took what is mine, you will pay.'

Nate takes over the narration from Lewis part way through. His friend Shark is behaving strangely as is Shark's murderous ex-girlfriend Candy. They do terrible things to each other, and Candy's vengeance includes Nate. What has given her these horrific abilities, and how can they stop her?

Though Stine is very light in characterization, the action in Moonlight Secrets is fast, often brutal, with a strong vein of horror running through the story. Even though I'm not keen on the genre, I am very curious about what comes next in this spooky series.

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