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My Teacher Fried My Brains    by Bruce Coville order for
My Teacher Fried My Brains
by Bruce Coville
Order:  USA  Can
Aladdin, 2005 (1991)
Paperback, e-Book

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* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

This is the sequel to My Teacher is an Alien, in which narrator Susan, nerd Peter and class bully Duncan foiled the plans of their alien teacher to abduct students (aside from Peter who went willingly). This second in the series is mainly Duncan's story. It's set in Kennituck Falls.

Duncan bullies others because his big brother Patrick beats on him for no particular reason - it's the norm for their family. So he starts seventh grade late and feeling bad. It only gets worse, especially after he pulls the fire alarm and sets off an alien scare. Along the way, he finds out that there's still at least one alien teacher around. But when he shows his evidence to a lovely lady reporter named Honey Flint, that gets him into even more trouble. Duncan tries to solve the mystery of which of the school's new teachers is the alien, but it's hard to do on your own, with everyone mad at you. After an electricity experiment sets his brains tingling, it turns out the 'brain fryer' made him smarter and he begins to see the world differently.

This 2nd in the series reveals much more about the aliens' purpose and intentions on Earth, and the original trio is assigned a pivotal role. It will be interesting to see how things develop on and off the planet.

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