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The Best Of The Show: A Classic Collection Of Wit And Wisdom    by Bill Scheft order for
Best Of The Show
by Bill Scheft
Order:  USA  Can
Warner, 2005 (2005)

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* *   Reviewed by Anise Hollingshead

Each week, Bill Scheft crafts a humorous look at the weekly happenings in the sports world, in the form of a column for Sports Illustrated entitled The Show. And a show it is, with many comments that have readers muttering to themselves, 'I can't believe he said (wrote) that!' Well, for those who just can't get enough of Bill Sheft's decidedly individual sense of humor, here's a compilation of some of his funniest stuff, along with asides on the thought processes behind the humor, as well as jokes that didn't make the cut.

This guy is really funny. And if a sports nimno like me can say that, then he must really be a scream. What I don't know about popular sports icons would fill an ocean. However, I was familiar with just enough of the current newsworthy events in some of these peoples' lives (while admittedly a sports idiot, I am also a bonafide news junkie) to get quite a few of the jokes, anyway. The background tidbits and the jokes that didn't make the columns were interesting, too. The book is laid out with the column on the left page, and the notes on the jokes and the uncut jokes on the right-hand page. I can't quote the jokes, as this is an advance reading copy and some of the material may not have made it to the final edition. You'll just have to trust me, the comments on the column are just as funny as the original material.

The Best Of The Show is a definite treat for the sports fan in your life. However, the price tag of the hardbound edition is a little high for a book that is basically a compilation of mostly already published material - the paperbook price is much more reasonable. Still, The Best Of The Show makes a great gift for any sports aficionado.

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