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The Better Memory Kit: 7 days to a Better Memory    by Dharma Singh Khalsa order for
Better Memory Kit
by Dharma Singh Khalsa
Order:  USA  Can
Hay House, 2004 (2004)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

This Better Memory Kit includes a small guidebook, a CD, and a set of 33 large square cards, to be used for 'brain aerobics'. Start with the guidebook, which explains how to use the cards and CD, lists warning signs of memory loss, describes the background to the development of this program, and suggests 'Four Pillars of Building a Better Memory'.

The author provides diet and supplement recommendations (including products sold through his website), includes a Mini-cookbook, and guidance on meditation for stress-reduction. He emphasizes the importance of physical exercise, and discusses pharmaceutical therapy in delaying the development of Alzheimer's. He tailors his program's recommendations to different degrees of memory loss. The cards present brain and memory exercises - they include stories followed by questions about them; suggest ways of varying daily routine; provide math, matching, maze, trivia, and (U.S.) presidential puzzles; and recommend volunteering. In the motivational CD, Dr. Dharma presents meditation and visualization exercises (some focused on morning energization, others to assure a good night's sleep) - accompanied by instructions in a calm, reassuring voice, and by tranquil music.

I plan to give this kit to my mother for Christmas (don't worry; she won't see this) since she has been concerned for some time about increasing memory loss with age. The suggestions about how exercise, diet and stress reduction can bolster memory make good sense, and the CD seems a very useful tool for meditation, particularly for beginners.

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