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First Cut
by Peter Robinson
Order:  USA  Can
Perennial, 2004 (1990)
Softcover, e-Book

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* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Kirsten, a young university student, is viciously attacked on her way back to her bedsit at night. While her face is not mutilated, her body recieves wounds from which she will never fully recover. Surviving her physical injuries, however, is easier than dealing with the blow to her psyche.

The First Cut, by long time author Peter Robinson, trails Kirsten's battle to recover. Her choices are exposed - good and bad. The story is told in chapters that deal with the attack and with Kirsten's slow rally in the aftermath. It also skips ahead to deal with the attacker in a different vein than the reader would expect. Just when you think you've figured everything out, Robinson throws you another curve. Suspense on every page. Exciting. Thrilling. In Kirsten, the author has created an indomitable spirit. Right or wrong, you have to cheer her on. Most of the action takes place on the Yorkshire seaside, which adds to the ambience and the terror.

I can't add more as that would spoil the book for any reader. Just believe me when I say that it is a tale well told. The First Cut was first published in Canada in 1990 and then in Great Britain in 1993. The story would be lost if it were updated to today's technologies. So it is brought back as it was written. For which I am grateful. It's a good read.

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