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Which Big Giver Stole the Chopped Liver?    by Sharon Kahn order for
Which Big Giver Stole the Chopped Liver?
by Sharon Kahn
Order:  USA  Can
Scribner, 2004 (2004)
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

What a luscious imagination Sharon Kahn has. The latest in her Ruby Rothman (rabbi's widow) series is another winner. For sheer fun, indulge yourself in Which Big Giver Stole the Chopped Liver?

A Temple reunion is hopefully going to bring big bucks into the temple's coffers. While the temple is located in Eternal, Texas, most of the festivities will be held in a hotel in Austin, where a convention of mystery writers is also taking place. Everything should work out well except that Essie Sue Margolis is the driving force behind the whole shindig. And what a force she is. Convinced she is a born organizer, Essie Sue blatantly orders the rabbi and Ruby to do her bidding, even when it inconveniences everyone involved ... including the man found dead with his head where a platter of chopped liver shaped like the state of Texas had resided. The liver held a computer chip that was vital to a nefarious scheme involving one of the congregation. So the story takes off running.

Kahn has created characters that we might wish to be just figments of her writer's mind, but have all met at one time or another. Just not all in the same gathering. Ruby is a widow who is hanging in there, determined to provide for her son and herself and be a responsible member of the Temple community. Essie Sue makes her resolve very hard at times, but she never loses her sense of humor. Ruby even has compassion for Essie Sue, which is very generous of her. Ruby is vascillating between two seemingly interested men. One is a journalist who only shows up when news is in the making. Around Ruby, that seems frequently. The other is the local police chief. She sees him when a crime has taken place. Which means Ruby sees a lot of him also.

Ready for a truly delightful experience? Then put Which Big Giver Stole the Chopped Liver? on your reading list.

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