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Animal Phantoms: True Ghost Stories    by Barbara Smith order for
Animal Phantoms
by Barbara Smith
Order:  USA  Can
Ghost House, 2004 (2004)
* *   Reviewed by Martina Bexte

Barbara Smith is back with another collection of true ghost stories. Have you ever wondered whether pets and animals can return from the dead? In Animal Phantoms, Smith presents 14 fascinating stories about animal ghosts that you'll never forget.

In Tank Terror, Michael and his family move from Ireland to England along with his tropical fish. But once they're settled into their new home, a nasty ghost invades the fish tank and scares Michael and his entire family. When Kris moves into a place of her own, she soon discovers that she's become Roommates with a phantom cat.

When Walter the Mule dies of old age, Jamal is very sad. But not as broken-hearted as Miss Wilson, Walter's owner and friend. One day when Jamal comes over to visit the old woman, he discovers that Walter didn't leave after all. Anthony is very excited the day he sets out on his first solo hunting trip. But when he brings down The Giant Deer, he realizes that the animal is a ghost and vows never to go hunting again.

Still interested? Then check out the rest of the scary stories in Animal Phantoms. You'll soon be convinced that fact can be a lot stranger than fiction.

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