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The Ugly Truckling    by David Gordon order for
Ugly Truckling
by David Gordon
Order:  USA  Can
Laura Geringer, 2004 (2004)

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* *   Reviewed by J. A. Kaszuba Locke

David Gordon has been a part of the team of creators of A Bug's Life and SpongeBob SquarePants. His new book, The Ugly Truckling, is a delightful (though heart-hauling) tale about a truck who tries to fit in with her brothers and sisters. This Ugly Duckling with a difference teaches that everyone and everything has a place to fit in.

The truckling is smaller than her siblings. She only has three wheels instead of four, and her body is shaped differently. There are beams stretched atop her head which makes it very difficult for her to carry rocks or hay. One night the ugly truckling goes off to discover what she is. The next day she meets a tractor, and a cow who tell her that she is not one of them. Then the truckling asks a windmill 'Am I a windmill, too?' The smiling windmill says no, but noticing how sad the truckling is, tells her 'I have a feeling that you will know exactly who you are very soon.' Just then the truckling hears loud noises overhead. Looking up she sees airplanes. The truckling excitedly realizes she is one of them, a beautiful airplane! Happily she flies away with the others 'into a sky full of stars'.

Though Gordon might have improved the story by pursuing more of the truckling's differences from others, it's a classic tale beautifully illustrated by painted landscapes in glorious hues. The Ugly Truckling is a nighttime and daytime, naptime and bedtime, playtime and anytime story with enhancing visuals for wee ones to hold and hug. In addition to the richly-weighted pages, the paper jacket illustrations are inlaid on the sturdy, durable cover for a toddler's hands to hold and read with mom, dad, and other members of a child's world.

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