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Jesse Jameson and the Curse of Caldazar    by Sean Wright order for
Jesse Jameson and the Curse of Caldazar
by Sean Wright
Order:  USA  Can
Crowswing, 2004 (2004)

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* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

This third episode in the Alpha to Omega series follows Jesse Jameson and the Golden Glow and Jesse Jameson and the Bogie Beast. Young Jesse saved her mother Cathal in the first book and was reunited with her best friend Jake in the second. Along the way she learned that she is actually a changeling from the Fairy Kingdoms, and made new friends there - the Dragon Hunter, Perigord (who is also her grandfather) and Iggywig.

As this episode opens, Perigord is under a dark enchantment (he's covered in 'centi-spiders', yecch!) and Jesse sets out to save him with a little help from her friends, and also from Zarlan-Jagr, a white wizard who belongs to the 'Union of Thirteen', of which Perigord is also a member. Black witch Zundrith, while 'welded to a river bank', still manages nasty spells and evil interventions via countless demonic minions. Her wicked sisters, Dendrith and Gwendrith, seek their freedom from the glass egg that imprisons their miniaturized selves. And there are rumors of a new 'Master of Darkness', orders of magnitude worse than Jesse's dad.

Jesse travels into the Kingdom of Caldazar, accompanied by Jake, the Dragon Hunter, Iggywig, and Zarlan-Jagr - often a contentious bunch. They play life and death games with the Skogsra Forest and Jesse has a near death experience. She wins a new, and powerful, magic talisman, 'the Seeing Stone', and develops her own powers, gaining a 'Magiceye' and healing skills. Her fellowship copes with 'Blood sucking Shadow Eaters'. They're helped by expert tracker Kumo Diaz and by ten feet tall Jasmire. They face a riot in the 'Monster Rock Café' and are involved in an inter-species war. They must re-activate the 'Curse of Caldazar'.

As always, I love the black and white sketches of magical and monstrous creatures scattered through the book. Jesse Jameson and the Curse of Caldazar is packed with hyperactive action and horrific monsters, ending with a cliffhanger leap into darkness and danger, that sets the scene for the 'greatest battle the Fairy Kingdoms had ever seen' - in the next volume.

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