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Wren to the Rescue    by Sherwood Smith order for
Wren to the Rescue
by Sherwood Smith
Order:  USA  Can
Firebird, 2004 (1990)
Hardcover, Paperback
* * *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

I loved Sherwood Smith's Crown Duel duo, so opened this first in her Wren trilogy with anticipation. It's fantastic! The story opens as Wren is informed that her blue-eyed best friend Tess at the orphanage is really Princess Teressa of Meldrith, hidden there for her safety after a threat from sorcerous neighboring ruler, King Andreus of Senna Lirwan. Tess has been taken by her aunt Leila (another princess, who teaches at the orphanage) on annual visits to her parents.

Now, it's time for Tess to claim her rightful place, and she asks Wren to accompany her. When Leila uses magic to transport them instantly to the palace, Wren takes note of her words and gestures. Wren is a wonderful character, rather plain in looks, aside from her remarkable 'brown and blond streaked hair'. Though she's small, Wren has big dreams, of 'a life of adventure'. Soon she has even more than she bargained for, after Tess is abducted by evil magic. Wren, who seems to be a natural with magic herself, sets out after her friend, accompanied by Magic School student Tyron, and later joined by Tess's cousin, the magically inept Prince Connor.

Interactions between these three very different young people entertain us, as they surmount various challenges, in gaining access to Senna Lirwan. Preparations for war gain speed behind them. They have assistance from the mysterious, powerful Sendimeris twins, and from another magician, who was allied with King Andreus in the past, and is not trusted by Tess's family. There are fast-moving fights and flights, shapeshifting and capture, and great peril for all, before matters are resolved. Sherwood Smith delivers her usual thrilling, engrossing read in Wren to the Rescue, and I can't wait to follow the further adventures of Wren, Tess, Tyron and Connor in Wren's Quest and Wren's War.

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