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Jesse Jameson and the Golden Glow: Alpha to Omega Series    by Sean Wright order for
Jesse Jameson and the Golden Glow
by Sean Wright
Order:  USA  Can
Crowswing, 2003 (2003)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Jesse Jameson and the Golden Glow starts like Cinderella, as ten-year-old Jesse suffers an ugly stepmother so mean that she burns Jesse's twin stepsisters' designer clothes rather than passing them on as hand-me-downs. On top of doing all the housework and chores for Trudy and Judy, poor Jesse has school bullies (led by Bagsy Bullwark) to cope with. Life has just not been the same since her mother disappeared into a fairy ring, and now 'something fantastical' beckons from her dreams.

When she meets the Dragon Hunter (pursuing a dragon, of course) on her way home from school, Jesse follows him through the ring and into wild and wacky adventure in the Kingdom of Troth. The knight takes Jesse to the Knoll of Knowing, where his horse shape-shifts and introduces himself as Perigold the Soothsayer (this shapechanging ability continues to be handy through all their trials). Perigold tells Jesse that she's a changeling, and that her real father is the wicked 'Bogie Beast'. They make a bargain with the unpredictable trader Brimbalin, to win clues to the location of Jesse's kidnapped mother (Brimbalin warns them against 'the joker with rotten teeth' and a mouthful of black slugs).

At the 'Tallest Statue Ever', the fellowship joins forces with a delightful Gobbitt named Iggywig, seeking his son. They suck 'Chameleon Sweets' to escape a horde of powerful witches, are attacked by Spriggans, and see through a warlock's illusion. They save the inhabitants of Alisbad from a dragon, meet Kayblade the storyteller, and are captured by witches (who drink 'frog's spawn soup' - yecch!) There's an ancient code to decypher, and 'Dungeons of Doom, Death, and Darkness' to escape. And there are hints of events in future episodes. Of course, Jesse and her mother Cathal are reunited, and head back to the human kingdom and the 'huge problem: the Scratchits' that awaits them there.

Jesse Jameson and the Golden Glow is the first in the Alpha to Omega series. Though a little rough around the edges, it's quite a feat of imagination, fun for the middle school crowd.

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