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by Po Bronson
Order:  USA  Can
Random House, 2003 (1995)
Hardcover, Softcover, Audio

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*   Reviewed by Liz Cooper

Bombardiers is a novel immersed in the world of investment banking. Sid Geeder is a bombardier, a stressed workaholic in the Atlantic Pacific Corporation. He has only nine months before he'll be able to cash in his stock options. Sid dreams of retirement at the age of thirty-four, but will he get there? Eggs Igino, a newcomer to the team of traders, worships Sid as a mentor, but may be in over his head. Gorgeous Lisa Lisa, a good trader in her own right, tries to make it in a man's world while seeking true love. And Coyote Jack ends up managing this dysfunctional team of greedy employees after the sudden onset of a severe stuttering problem.

Though the novel moves at lightning speed, the story falls flat, with weak characterization and too much investment jargon. Po Bronson based the novel on his own experience as a day trader, and it shows. The book would have been much more engaging had he limited the number of essays on bond sales, and focused more on plot and characterization. Also, point of view changed suddenly and often, which I found confusing. I recommend Bombardiers mainly to those fascinated by, or wanting to know more of, the world of investment banking.

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