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Terror at Wolf Lake    by Max Elliot Anderson order for
Terror at Wolf Lake
by Max Elliot Anderson
Order:  USA  Can
Faithworks, 2003 (2003)
*   Reviewed by Rosemary Taylor

This is 2nd in a Christian mystery series for 'tweeners', following The Newspaper Caper. In that episode, I liked the way the characters had freedoms that kids lack today, in particular not having to check in with their parents all the time. The language used was the way kids talk, and the story flowed nicely, and avoided being preachy.

Eddy, the star of Terror at Wolf Lake, is a known cheater and a liar, but with nice friends. In between Christmas and New Year, Eddy and his father invite two boys and their dads up to their cabin at Wolf Lake for ice fishing and winter fun. It is isolated there at this time of year and the roads are not used much. Typical adventures await the boys. As might be predicted, Eddy falls though the ice on the lake - but of course he survives the experience. One day as the boys build a big snow fort at the back of the property, two men in a truck throw a briefcase over the fence. Hearing police sirens, Eddie and his buddies assume that the men are getting rid of evidence. They find money inside. After some delay and argument, they do the right thing, handing the briefcase over to the police. But later when they are alone at Eddy's house on New Year's Night, the robbers come looking for their money.

Unfortunately, this second episode does not rise to the standard set by the first. The story seems choppy and contrived. Though it has a few good twists and turns, it's very easy to guess where they're heading. Let's hope that further adventures rise again to the level of The Newspaper Caper.

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