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Dealing with Dragons    by Patricia C. Wrede order for
Dealing with Dragons
by Patricia C. Wrede
Order:  USA  Can
Point, 1992 (1990)
Hardcover, Paperback, Audio
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

Cimorene is not your usual princess, and not at all like her six, perfect, blonde and blue-eyed sisters. She's too tall, 'stubborn as a pig', loves to fence, and has no intention of marrying the dull prince that her parents have selected to settle her down. On the advice of a talking frog (who is not a prince in disguise) she runs away and ends up rooming with a dragon - something princesses are supposed to do, but not voluntarily.

Cimorene prepares cherries jubilee and chocolate mousse for Kazul and her guests, sorts the dragon's treasure, and is content with her new life until knights and princes start showing up to rescue her and claim half her father's kingdom. She works hard to discourage them, and in the process befriends a witch and a captive princess, wins three black feathers, deals with a djinn, helps a stone prince, and defeats a wizards' plot against the dragons.

The author has lots of fun with fairytales in Dealing With Dragons, especially in reference to the roles of proper princesses. They are supposed to be cursed at their christenings, prick their fingers on spinning wheels, spin straw into gold and so on and so forth. Though Cimorene is not at all a conventional fairytale princess, she succeeds in her adventures and does live happily ever after ... in her own unique fashion.

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