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Unloaded Volume 2: More Crime Writers Writing Without Guns    edited by Eric Beetner order for
Unloaded Volume 2
by Eric Beetner
Order:  USA  Can
Down&Out Books, 2018 (2018)
Softcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Unloaded Volume 2, edited by Eric Beetner, is an unusual anthology, in that it is chock full of crime stories written by known crime writers, but containing not one gun!

The initial Anthony-nominated collection of crime stories sans guns is back for a sequel. Twenty-four crime writers have raised their voices against the random use of guns. They wish to call 'for a sensible and reasoned debate about guns in America'. We have been told, after another atrocity in which many have been shot and killed that 'now is not the time to discuss it'. When is the time? 'These crime writers have chosen to start the dialogue'.

The senseless killings must stop. The authors of Unloaded Volume 2 are not asking gun owners to turn in their weapons. They want to show that guns can be used in a responsible and safe way. And so, here are twenty-four crime stories for readers' edification and not a shot is fired. These fine stories about crime, mystery and suspense prove that guns are not needed for a good read.

'Not antigun, Unloaded 1/2 is pro-reason. Some of these authors are gun owners and non-owners, voters on both sides of the political aisle. The cause that unites us all is the desire to see the senseless killing stop and to be able to have the discussion without the divisive language, vitriol and name calling that too often accompanies this debate.'

These authors are sending a message. Who will listen? Proceeds from the sales of Unloaded and Unloaded Volume 2 go to the non-profit States United to Prevent Gun Violence.

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