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You Lucky Dog    by Debra Finerman order for
You Lucky Dog
by Debra Finerman
Order:  USA  Can
Self, 2018 (2018)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Rheta Van Winkle

You Lucky Dog, by Debra Finerman, tells the story of Emma and Jake, a happily married couple, who live in sunny Southern California, both working at their dream jobs.

When Emma begs Jake to take their Westie, also called Jake, to the vet for treatment of an infection, he drives off in her small car, holding the dog against his chest. He becomes distracted, pulls into traffic without looking, and has a horrible accident, which kills him.

However, Jake the dog survives and Jake the man finds out that he is still alive, but in the body of the dog. He quickly discovers that he can still talk, but limits his conversations with people to Emma, because other people who hear him think they're losing their minds.

This is a funny book about what it might be like to be metamorphosed into an animal, and although there are obviously tragic elements, these are dealt with lightly. Jake has many interesting adventures in his new life, and even manages to use his voice on occasion to help Emma or someone else, without letting others know where the voice is coming from.

I enjoyed reading this book and kept wondering how the author was going to end it, but all my possible predictions were false. Finerman managed a believable ending, which increased the fun and for the most part cancelled any sadness that one might have felt for these star-crossed lovers.

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