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Her Last Day: A Jessie Cole Novel    by T. R. Ragan order for
Her Last Day
by T. R. Ragan
Order:  USA  Can
Thomas & Mercer, 2017 (2017)
Softcover, CD, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

I can't imagine anything worse than being kidnapped. And then put in a basement cell with no clothes, little food or water, and kept in the dark. Could your life get any worse? Well, yes. It could. When you realize that others before you have been murdered! The plot of T. R. Ragan's Her Last Day depicts just that.

PI Jessie Cole makes her living by finding missing persons. Ironically, her own sister is one of Jessie's failures. She has not been able to find her sister Sophie, who disappeared ten years previously.

Jessie is raising Sophie's daughter. Jessie realizes that finding her missing sister has become an obsession. She and her niece want Sophie to walk in the front door and hug them both. Why has Sophie not come home? Going missing was not an unheard of action on Sophie's part. She had done this before. Several times. But she's now been gone for ten years!

A perp dubbed the Heartless Killer has been snatching people off the streets, never to be seen again. Could that have been Sophie's fate? When Jessie is snatched by this killer, she refuses to give up and determines she is going to escape.

The plot of this thriller is tightly written and will keep you glued to each page. Jessie is a new character whom it is easy to admire and like. The author is award winning and has sold over two million books. Her Last Day is the first of a new series. I look forward to the second.

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