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Henrietta the Greatest Go-Getter    by Martine Murray order for
Henrietta the Greatest Go-Getter
by Martine Murray
Order:  USA  Can
Allen & Unwin, 2017 (2017)
* * *   Reviewed by Jessica Maguire

Henrietta, the Greatest Go-Getter ever, has returned with three exciting tales in one book. The stories in this collection are even more fun and exciting than the escapades Henrietta experienced in the first book, Henrietta and the Perfect Night.

Your five to eight year-old reader will have as much fun as I did exploring new places and experiencing new dilemmas with our heroine, Henrietta. I particularly enjoyed traveling in my bathtub to the 'Wide Wide Long Cool Coast of the Lost Socks.' Finally, an explanation to the whereabouts of socks that get eaten by the washing machine!

Meeting the Rietta is a highlight of this book. I'd love to meet a Rietta in my bedroom the way Henrietta does. But one Rietta really needs Henrietta's help! The Rietta's spots are disappearing and landing on baby Albert. Henrietta to the rescue!

Henrietta, along with best friend Olive Higgie, baby brother Albert, and a lost Rietta meet a giant who is most peculiar. He wears only underwear and mismatched socks. He also emits a most noxious pong. Perhaps he should hop in the bath and have a thorough wash.

I am especially enchanted by the last tale in this book. Henrietta meets Mabel May, a darling little fairy. Maybel May needs Henrietta's help too. Soon Henrietta is deep in the world of fairies and gnomes.

This adorably illustrated trip into Henrietta's imaginary world - where pong emitting giants help Riettas, little girls wear underpants on their heads (awesome for styling your pigtails) and attend a fairy ball - makes for a most entertaining afternoon read.

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