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Cat Shining Bright: A Joe Grey Mystery    by Shirley Rousseau Murphy order for
Cat Shining Bright
by Shirley Rousseau Murphy
Order:  USA  Can
William Morrow, 2017 (2017)
Hardcover, Softcover, CD, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Surely you know that animals can talk and I'm not referring to the sounds they make that are understood by their brethren. I'm bringing to mind the cats that populate the delightful stories written by Shirley Rousseau Murphy.

By the time readers have finished one novel about felines by Murphy, they are looking at their own pets and wondering why they haven't had conversations with their own animals. I feel sure our pets would have a lot to tell us if only they could.

Joe Grey is thrilled to become the father of three kittens who are becoming a real handful. The three have a true exuberance for life and don't hesitate to exhibit their joy in their surroundings much to the dismay of those in the household.

When beautician Barbara Conley and one of her customers are found shot to death in her salon, the cats gather to help the police discover who is responsible for the murders. Need I mention that the police are aware that the cats might be trying to help?

Joe Grey and his family look at the murders from the height of the roofs in the small town they call home. Joe, who seems to be head of the clan, leads this fun and cat-filled plot.

Cat Shining Bright is not without suspense, and a thrill or two. It is easy to fall in love with the feline characters and those humans who keep the secret of the cats' ability to speak. This is the twentieth book in this beguiling series!

2nd Review by Jessica Maguire:

Springtime in Molina Point finds Dulcie and Joe welcoming their three kittens, Striker, Buffin, and little Courtney, to the world. They, and the people with whom they live, anxiously wait to see if the newcomers will be as special as their parents. It turns out they are. The babies did indeed inherit the ability to speak.

While Dulcie is busy tending to her growing and increasingly mischievous kittens, residents of Molina Point find themselves the target of car thieves. Then the village's beautician and her client turn up dead. Is their a link between the deaths and vehicular crimes?

Joe Grey, along with the Molina Point Police Department, set out to find out answers to these questions. While this is going on, the cats, and people who know of their gift of speech, must keep it secret. There's also mystery surrounding the especially gifted kittens. Buffin seems to sense the needs of other animals, Striker just may follow in his Daddy's footsteps and become an informant to the MPPD, and Courtney is the most intriguing of all. Why does an exact likeness of her appear on stolen antique china?

This is one of the most delightfully enchanting murder mysteries that I've read in quite the while. Being owned by two cats myself, I find the idea of talking cats very endearing. The kittens add a playful punch of humor that cat people will appreciate. I was hooked before I even finished the first chapter of this superbly written murder mystery with a twist.

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