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The Fog    by Kyo Maclear & Kenard Pak order for
by Kyo Maclear
Order:  USA  Can
Tundra, 2017 (2017)
* *   Reviewed by Hilary Williamson

This unusual picture book, The Fog by Kyo Maclear and illustrated by Kenard Pak, centers on a small bird who likes to observe people. He's a small yellow warbler and lives on an island, Icyland - 'People came from around the world to visit this special place.'

And, unlike the other birds, 'Warble was a devoted human watcher.' But one spring day, a fog rolled in - and stayed! The other birds eventually accepted it as the norm. Then, one foggy morning, Warble saw a little girl, who looked lost. They shared insects and folded paper together - and he realized that she saw the fog's wrongness too. Did others?

They sent out notes on paper boats. Answers came from around the world - and the fog lifted. Though it's clearly an environmental fable, The Fog's specific message is unclear. But its illustrations are magical.

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