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That's What Wings Are For    by Patrick Guest & Daniella Germain order for
That's What Wings Are For
by Patrick Guest
Order:  USA  Can
Little Hare, 2016 (2016)
Hardcover, Softcover
* *   Reviewed by Bob Walch

Unlike other little dragons, Bluey doesn't have strong wings for flying, strong breath for breathing fire, or strong scales to protect him. Because he is different the little fellow is teased a lot by the other dragons. Although he really wants to be like his peers, Bluey just doesn't fit in, so one day he decides to find and consult the famous Bearded Dragon about his situation.

When they finally meet, the dragon tells Bluey not to worry:
'You're a precious little dragon,
You're made of special stuff,
You were made for something special wonderful.
You'll find it soon enough.

After this meeting Bluey does indeed find what that something special is and the reader will too when he or she follows Bluey's adventures.

A very heartwarming and upbeat picture book, this story is dedicated to families and children who are dealing with Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy (DMD). As Bluey discovers, a person's uniqueness is not always defined by physical characteristics. He, just like children with DMD, has abilities that make him unique and set him apart from others.

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