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Mast Island
by Anne Nichols Reynolds
Order:  USA  Can
Peppertree Press, 2015 (2015)
Hardcover, Softcover, e-Book
*   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Artist Abby Parsons discovers after her Grandmother dies that the woman who raised her was not related to her at all!

Recovering from the shock, she determines to find the family that left her an unwanted orphan. Her research sends her to Mast Island off the coast of Georgia. She doesn't necessarily want to become part of whatever family she might have. Abby wants to see where her life began to find her roots. She finds her background but also the man she thinks she might have been looking for all her life Noah Hazzard.

Noah is a biologist researching marine life and is spending a good bit of time on the island in a laboratory. Abby spends a great deal of time painting the works that will support her. Inadvertently, she becomes involved with the DuMond family and meets all the maladjusted members of her late mother's world. She learns that her parents were murdered, possibly by members of the DuMond clan. Abby realizes that her life may be in danger and Noah's boat is blown up.

Mast Island by Anne Nichols Reynolds starts off with the feeling a good tale is coming. Unfortunately, as the story progresses, the tension that had been built up slows down. The plot is a good one, but I got the feeling that the author just didn't know when or how to reach the ending. The book is enjoyable, but if you are looking for the excitement, tension, and thrills that the beginning promises, you might be disappointed.

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