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Deep Six
by D. P. Lyle
Order:  USA  Can
Oceanview, 2016 (2016)
Hardcover, e-Book
* * *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Jake Longly, ex-professional baseball player, does not want to work for his Private Eye father. He prefers owning and running a beachfront bar, which allows him to live the life he enjoys hanging out and chasing bikinis.

Even so, he is in the process of helping his father by staking out a private home. He is to watch the client's wife's activities, as her husband feels she must be cheating on him. While Jake is calmly sitting minding someone else's business, his raging ex-wife attacks his antique car, breaking two original windows with a five iron. As he leaves the scene, it starts to rain and he must get this 1965 Mustang garaged or the interior will be harmed by the water coming in the two broken windows.

A kind and gorgeous neighbor offers him the use of her garage. Of course, things proceed as you might expect. Jake is never one to turn down a good thing. And the cheating wife doesn't make out too well. In fact, she is murdered. This, shortly after Jake and his new acquaintance see Jake's ex-wife's husband leave the bedroom in question!

Jake and Nicole Jemison (new girlfriend) work to solve the murder. They fall under the radar of a Ukrainian mobster, Victor Borkov. There are layers to this crime of murder that it takes a good part of a book to delve into. The final scene on Borkov's massive yacht is one to remember.

Deep Six by D. P. Lyle is the first of a new series. In his other life, Lyle is an M.D.. He has worked on many TV scripts and is a forensic consultant for crime novelists.

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