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Quick Walk to Murder: The Second Jessie Murphy Mystery    by jd daniels order for
Quick Walk to Murder
by jd daniels
Order:  USA  Can
CreateSpace, 2015 (2015)
Softcover, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

Quick Walk to Murder by jd daniels takes place in a 'funky Southwest Florida fishing village'. Jessie Murphy, an artist from Cambridge, Massachusetts, solved a murder the previous year and the residents of the tiny village want her to solve the murder of one of their own the son of one of the crab fisher folk.

Reluctant at first, she soon joins two locals as they investigate the murder of a fine young man. Jessie discovers hidden relationships between the victim and his peers. There is no dearth of suspects. First, a local crab fisherman who had hired the young man, followed by the victim's girlfriend, as well as her doting brother, a college roommate, a psychic, the dead man's own mother, and two strangers with badges.

Jessie is the type who, once a job is started, must see it to the end. Even when her own life is in jeopardy. And it surely is. The plot moves along with alacrity as we, as readers, want to call out to her to be careful. Things may not be as they seem. I did not even come close to solving who the murderer could be.

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