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Valediction: A Spenser Novel    by Robert B. Parker order for
by Robert B. Parker
Order:  USA  Can
Dell, 1992 (1984)
Hardcover, Softcover, Paperback, Audio, e-Book
* *   Reviewed by Mary Ann Smyth

An oldie but a goodie. As far as I am concerned, a Spenser novel is one you know you will enjoy before the first page is finished. I have never been disappointed. I love not only the story lines. I truly admire Spenser's sense of humor. Valediction, by Robert B. Parker, lives up to the author's good name.

We all know that Spenser has a close relationship with the love of his life, Susan, the psychiatrist. They even own a dog together - her name is Pearl and she too is a gem. Spenser is blown out of the water when Susan tells him that she is going to California to have some time to herself to think things through. She knows she loves Spenser. She knows he loves her. But is he the man she wants to spend her life with? Hence her trip.

Of course, Spenser is worried that she has another man out there. When a chance at a new investigative job turns up, he is immediately ready to take it on. A New Age church seems a little too off balance to him. And when a lovely dancer with ties to the church turns up missing, he decides there is more to the case than it appears. He has often been told when facts don't add up to follow the money. He does so and follows through to make headaches abound when he makes headway.

We sadly lost Spenser when Parker died in 2010.

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